What is


and who

should do it?


A self publisher is an author who subcontracts out the graphic design, typesetting and printing of their own book. They do this because the profits are so great when a book is sold.


I would not advise anyone to self publish unless they have a verifiable market in which to sell their book. An example of those who should self publish are professional speakers who are actively fulfilling speaking or training engagements.


In fact, Larry Winget says, "A professional speaker who isn't selling a book after a talk is simply leaving money on the table!"


After a training session or motivational talk people are "turned on" to taking something of you back home with them. It's rather selfish of you not provide them with the opportunity to purchase a book from you!


You might say, "But I'm a speaker, not a writer." We've got you covered. Over two decades ago Larry Winget wrote a very simple book to help speakers start their first book. How To Write A Book One Page At A Time became one of his early top sellers.


Thousands of copies were sold and Hundreds of speakers went on to self-publish their first book. Many of them used us.


I'm updating that book to include today's digital world, BUT, until that update us finished the original ebook version is yours FREE.


This book is perfect for someone who knows they need a book for back of room sales but doesn't know where to start. HEY --- THIS IS FREE!!! See if it help you get started.